If you don’t think that the economic situation justifies the attention given to the topic of transformation, this post is not for you. If you think that putting a “transformation” label on everything we usually do (projects, strategies, organizations, architectures…), without changing a single thing about how we think about… Continue reading
The training offering is designed around the reference framework proposed by the Praxeme method. This framework enables us to organize the competences. Our training offering is characterized by: the content, systematically based on the open method; the pedagogical effort (“pedagogy by objectives” method); sessions are delivered by experienced practitioners, several of whom may participate in… Continue reading
Enterprise methodology must not let anything escape from the reality of the enterprise. It is one of the conditions for mastering transformations. The Enterprise System Topology provides an analytical framework and allows us to grasp and put in order everything connected the enterprise, from strategy to infrastructure, from the values to logistics,… Continue reading
The Enterprise Transformation Manifesto summarizes the concerns of enterprises, faced with their responsibilities for the future. It expresses the philosophy that inspires the initiative for an open method and fixes the principles. Continue reading
Praxeme is an enterprise methodology resulting from the initiative for an open method. Continue reading


Business Architecture & Transformation

Training course on business architecture and other upstream aspects of enterprise transformation.

SOA-approach training course

The Praxeme method proposes a complete approach for service-oriented architecture, thoroughly tested over many projects. The approach is presented in several modules, according to the different profiles: managers, architects, and designers.

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