News and thoughts linked to the initiative for an open method and to Praxademia’s activity

How can certification help with enterprise transformation?

If you don’t think that the economic situation justifies the attention given to the topic of transformation, this post is not for you. If you

Four key concepts for SOA

The buzz about SOA seems to have faded away. There are no more conferences dedicated to the topic; the demand for training is declining; market

Formulating knowledge

Terminology, ontology, semantic modeling Whatever we do – be it transformation, innovation, automation… –, the starting point is always the same: business knowledge. Not only

The six fallacies of business process design

For decades now, it has been common place to assert the importance of a business process approach. However, when it comes to assess the outcome

Shedding some light on the work undertaken by Praxeme

Enterprise methodology From the outset, Praxeme wanted to be an enterprise methodology, that is to say an answer to the patent need encountered by enterprises

Enterprise methodology

Everyone agrees: the enterprise is a complex object, woven from many threads, continually obliged to adapt itself to an ever-changing world. How do we think

Ethics in the enterprise

Over these last few years, we have seen charters and codes of ethics flourish in enterprises and the notion of corporate social responsibility become widespread.

A data model is not a semantic model

We change names and titles more easily than practices. Today, it is fashionable to pay particular attention to business objects. It is a good thing…

The bee and the digital economy

An article about the digital economy. Subtitle: Getting the most out of digital technology: the need for a comprehensive architectural approach This article was published

Formalizing knowledge

In response to a customer request, Dominique Vauquier clarifies the different ways of expressing knowledge. It is the opportunity to formulate some of the thinking

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