The concept

The concept of the “senior team”

In the English-speaking world, the S-Team (for support team) is a learning-support team for students in difficulty. For us, it represents the senior team, an experienced team, in the fullest sense of both terms:

  • “team” in the sense of a real integration of competences, capable of unlocking one’s full potential in all situations, including those of crisis;
  • “experienced” as we believe that complex situations call for competences based on experience.

The spirit of the S-Team relies on the mutual esteem of its members, as well as on the objective estimation of the difficulties and potentialities present in every situation.

Your need

To stay in line with one’s ambitions, it is essential that enterprise transformation mobilize a certain number of highly specialized competences. These competences not only have to cover the design of the change (drawing up the strategy, reorganization, overhaul of information systems…) but also its execution and the project management. Indeed, what disaster would be in the making if the architect and team manager did not share a certain amount of common culture! What disappointment there would be if they proved themselves unable to listen to the sponsor!

These competences are profoundly different to those involved in the regular running of the enterprise. Furthermore, they require a certain distance from how the organization is run on a day-to-day basis. Lastly, a far greater difficulty lies in the required links between the transformational disciplines: indeed, these disciplines have to cooperate to ensure that the ideas circulate and that the vision is a coherent one.

Our answer

The S-Team or “senior team” brings together experienced individuals, each having proven a high degree of mastery in his/her domain. Together, they cover the whole spectrum of disciplines needed to improve enterprises and their systems, some managing the programs and governance, others able to design an audacious and carefully drawn-up target. Their contributions are integrated into a common framework, prepared by the methodology and adjusted by their collective practices.

Thanks to its experienced profiles and its interdisciplinarity, the S-Team can both:

  • accompany management in formulating its vision,
  • relay and deploy this vision right the way down to the operational teams.

Full steam ahead!


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