A Business View of the Insurance Information System

This Business View describes the information system of the insurance business. It is intended for business and IT decision-makers.

Its main purpose is to help decision-making in matters of IT investments.

The Business View of Insurance Information System

The document, a commented presentation, illustrates the outcome of the enterprise architecture activity. It should be considered not as an architecture deliverable, but as a communication tool. Such a description has few value if it is not accompanied by a thorough architecture model, distinguishing:

  • the business architecture (namely the structure of semantic, pragmatic and geographic aspects);
  • the logical architecture (including decisions on the structure of the IT system and the specification of the software components);
  • the logistic architecture (the structure of the software system and all other technical systems, with the technological choices);
  • the physical architecture (specifying how the technical system is to be deployed in the enterprise geography).

So, the Business View is only an overview, close to the logical architecture, nevertheless less rigorous, aimed at explaining to business people and decision-makers how the IT system should be built or transformed.

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