Praxademia is closely involved in the development of the Praxeme open method. Its associates are authors of the method and manage the initiative. They are also the main actors in developing the Praxeme certification, in partnership with APMG International, an international certification organization, based in London.

The method is published via the catalog available on the Praxeme Institute website. A fuller catalog is available internally, as well as documents currently being written within the association and available to members.

Ongoing work within the Praxeme Institute is focused on:

  • x-data (big data, open data…), with a contribution from the Conix Consulting firm,
  • enterprise metrology and dashboards, incorporating the Performance Tree method, developed by Georges Garibian,
  • the design and deployment of services architecture (SOA), version 2,
  • enterprise terminology.

A lot of this is voluntary work, undertaken by members of the Praxeme Institute. The development of the method is also carried out thanks to opportunities that arise and upon request from enterprises. The typical scenario is one where an enterprise has concerns about mastering something and decides to respond by drawing up a practice. In such cases, it finds an advantage in including this practice in the open method, basing it thus on a tried and tested framework.


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