The S-Team

Transitional actors…
…to manage your transformation


The Praxademia model is neither that of a large consulting practice, nor that of the freelance community. We make up a real team, bringing together specialties from various domains, capable of working together.

Successful collaboration depends on the following conditions:

  • We hold people in high esteem and attach great importance to each person fulfilling their full potential.
  • We respect each other’s expertise. The Praxeme methodological framework helps us to articulate the different areas of expertise.
  • We can mobilize diverse competences, covering the spectrum required to manage transformations.
  • We bet on the intelligence of experience. The team includes experienced consultants who have developed their practices throughout their career. Hence the name: “Senior Team”.

This is the formula of coordinated experience, put at your service. Our objective is not to distribute contracts but to share practices. Our collective practice is directed towards a single goal: make your projects a success, sincerely, and manage in depth their effects.


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