Praxademia’s marketing and sales approach is based on the development and promotion of the Praxeme open method and on the close ties the company has with the Praxeme Institute. This state-approved association, pursuant to French law (known as July 1901), is the depository for the Praxeme corpus. Its members come from both public and private sectors, notably the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Culture, AXA Group, and consulting and services companies. The Praxeme Institute is the contact for the DISIC (Interministerial Directorate for Information and Communications Systems) regarding its concerns on methods linked to mastering large projects and modernizing state action.

Praxademia benefits from its status as “contributor to the initiative for an open method”, given by the Praxeme Institute. This status is given to enterprises that have significantly contributed to the development of the open method. It is defined in the statutes of the association.

Moreover, Praxademia is the main actor in the development of the Praxeme certification, following the signature of an agreement with APMG International, the international certification organization, based in London. This organization is financing the development of the certification in French and in English, and will provide at least European-wide visibility to the method.

These circumstances guarantee Praxademia a dominant position with regard to everything specifically connected to the Praxeme method and to enterprise transformation programs in general.


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