We intervene as enterprise architects, across the full range, from business architecture to technical architecture. The different specialties that our associates and partners provide fit within the transformation chain, as defined by the Praxeme method. Thanks to this linking of expertise, we can foster synergy between our competences for greater efficiency.

Current missions for:

  • the Prunay group (insurance expertise): support as part of the overhaul of the information system,
  • L’Oréal: methodological coaching,
  • RFF: consulting in technical architecture,
  • Project management.


  • Regular delivery of training courses in the Orsys catalog (Paris and France regions, Brussels),
  • Running sessions on the Praxeme method (Française des Jeux, Volvo Group, Atos…),
  • Public conferences, notably as part of the events organized by the Praxeme Institute.


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